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Palm Small Natural

Get ready to bloom with our Palm Small Natural – the go-to choice for florists and event organisers! These dried flowers, preserved to perfection, add a touch of nature’s charm to your creations. Wholesale-only and buy-more-save-more deals available. Elevate your floral game with our botanical beauty!

Dimension: Approx. 11cm x 14cm

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Step into a world of floral wonder with our Palm Small Natural – a top-tier choice for florists and event organisers looking to elevate their creations. These dried flowers bring the outdoors in, infusing your designs with a touch of natural elegance.

Our commitment to wholesale excellence means you not only get quality but also incredible savings. It’s a “buy more, save more” floral extravaganza! Imagine the possibilities as you incorporate these stunning palm accents into your arrangements.

Embrace the spirit of simplicity and charm with these dried flowers. They’re not just flowers; they’re a canvas waiting for your creative touch. The small natural palms, carefully preserved, offer a genuine and timeless appeal that resonates with both the modern and classic aesthetics.

For those in the know, our wholesale-only approach ensures you’re getting the best deals in the flower market. We believe buying flowers should be as enjoyable as arranging them, so why not have a bit of fun? Dive into a world of floral brilliance with Palm Small Natural – where every petal tells a story of natural beauty and wholesale savings!





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